sarah_beauty_champ“Dark Angel” Sarah Stock (aka Sarita) was taken to the limit by Bambi Hall and Serena Deeb last Friday night in Sydney, NS at the pre-recorded I-ppv special at Centre 200. However, the Winnipeg-born veteran overcame the odds of the knock-down Triple Threat Match and became the very first Beauty Slammers Champion!

Catch Sarita live in-person as she defends the Beauty Slammers Championship during the remaining Tour Dates in these New Brunswick and Nova Scotia towns:

Ade Theriault Arena
Baie Sainte-Anne, NB
V.I.P. Entry: 5:30 pm | General Admission: 6:00 pm | Bell: 7:00 pm
Tickets ON SALE NOW at Down River Convenience and Baie Sainte-Anne Home Hardware |
Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090

KC Irving Regional Centre
Bathurst, NB
V.I.P. Entry: 5:30 pm | General Admission: 6:00 pm | Bell: 7:00 pm
at the Arena Box Office |
Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090


Colchester Legion Stadium
Truro, NS
V.I.P. Entry: 5:30 pm | General Admission: 6:00 pm | Bell: 7:00 pm
at MacQuarries Pharmasave (the Esplanade) and Marigold Cultural Centre | Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090

Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre
Springhill, NS
V.I.P. Entry: 10:00 am | General Admission: 10:30 am | Bell: 11:00 am
Tickets ON SALE NOW at the Arena Box Office |
Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090

Trenton Community Rink
Trenton, NS
V.I.P. Entry: 5:30 pm | General Admission: 6:00 pm | Bell: 7:00 pm
Tickets ON SALE NOW at Glasgow Square Theatre | Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090



Vancouver sensation, Bambi Hall makes her Maritime debut Friday night in Windsor, NS!

Vancouver sensation, Bambi Hall makes her Maritime debut Friday night in Windsor, NS!

When I found out about the first-ever Beauty Slammers Tour, I was very excited! But, I was in awe and disbelief when I saw that two of the headliners were Serena Deeb and Sarah Stock. But, with all the respect I have for the two of them, I was equally impressed by Beauty Slammers for being able to sign Bambi Hall to this historic tour.

I know that the average wrestling fan has never heard of Bambi Hall before, but for the wrestling fans like me who subscribe to Pro Wrestling Illustrated and spend hours each week going through photos, reading blogs, and obsessing in the world that is pro wrestling, Bambi Hall is not an unfamiliar name at all. The fact is, I cannot think of many people not only in women’s wrestling, but wrestling in general, who have garnered so much attention so early on in their career.

Bambi Hall is a second generation wrestler – daughter of Raven Lake – who has been tearing up the ranks of the women’s wrestling scene in Western Canada. She is a natural inside the ring and has held her own in ECCW against Nicole Matthews. She’s only in her third year, but the buzz surrounding Bambi truly is remarkable and whether most fans realize at this point in time or not, she is a real treasure to have as part of this tour. Hall has big things ahead in the future of Beauty Slammers, and someday fans will be looking back and saying, “Wow! She wrestled here?!” The words I can think of to describe Bambi Hall could never compare to the sentiments offered by Raven Lake.

“Bambi is a fantastic young woman who grew up in this business watching me through my career. In the three years she has been in professional wrestling she has achieved more than expected: CAC (Cauliflower Alley Club) honoree; a PWI Top 50 ranking; PWI Rookie of The Year Runner-up! I am so proud of my daughter and can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next. I am very proud of Bambi. Keep your dream alive!”

Bambi Hall is not the headliner of this tour, but she creates a real anticipation to witness competing live in action. I want to say here and now, “Thank You, Beauty Slammers!” This is top-notch competition.

Submitted by: Clint Corbett



Women’s wrestling was turned upside down and inside out in 1986 as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling premiered on television: the first all-female promotion of its kind. While it wasn’t known at the time, G.L.O.W. would become a huge part of American pop culture.

The female stars of G.L.O.W. weren’t aspiring wrestlers; they came from all walks of life, and many believed they were just auditioning for a children’s television show. They quickly realized what type of life they were in for when they were introduced to Mondo Guerrero of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family. Of the girls who decided to stay along for the ride, they would receive professional wrestling training under the stern hand of Mondo, and their lives were about to change forever. Through all the pain and sacrifice, they would develop a sisterhood of camaraderie to lean on for support – a major contributor to surviving the rigors of the grueling training.

G.L.O.W. was all about creative characters – “The Good Girls” and “The Bad Girls”. They told stories with crazy, over-the-top cartoonish characters. They used rap and rhyme through song to introduce themselves to viewers. To those of us watching, we got to connect with both inspiring women, and some politically incorrect characters portrayed by a group of hard-working, dedicated performers.

Names like Mountain Fiji, Tina Ferrari, Americana, Little Egypt, Big Bad Mama, Matilda the Hun, Chainsaw and Spike, Babe “The Farmer’s Daughter”, and Hollywood entered our living rooms through the television set each week. The public’s interest for this phenomenon grew exponentially, and the girls quickly found themselves in high demand, gaining mainstream attention as guests on The Phil Donahue Show; Married with Children; and Family Feud. Pushing the envelope, G.L.O.W. fans also got to see a more intimate side of one of its brightest stars – Hollywood – as she posed for various magazines and graced the cover of Easyrider Motorcycle magazine. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling were truly stars being watched by millions of people, worldwide.

Unfortunately, G.L.O.W. ended all too quickly in 1990. With each wrestler going her separate way, they would always look back on their time together with fond memories. Whether they set out to be or not, these women became pioneers of equal rights inside the world of wrestling. With Hollywood making her Maritime debut as part of the historic Beauty Slammers: Ladies of Wrestling inaugural tour starting April 25 inside Windsor’s War Memorial Community Center, this is an opportunity for fans to meet a true legend. Through her contributions within G.L.O.W. and her continued active participation in the wrestling world, Hollywood has helped return all the good things the wrestling business has given her. I can’t think of anyone more deserving to serve as guest Beauty Hostess for this tour than a legend such as Hollywood: a lady who has helped pave the way for future aspiring women of this industry. History is being made. I can’t wait!



Here’s a great, very in-depth, raw interview with Beauty Slammer, Serena Deeb. In this interview, Serena discusses how she made the decision to break into wrestling; why she chose the wrestling school she did; her memories of her WWE debut; Shawn Michaels, HHH, and other influences; her experience working with CM Punk and what he’s really like; working with Rey Mysterio; her favorite places to travel; she compares working on the independent circuit to being on THE show; her opinion on what it takes to become a successful women’s wrestler and much, much more! A great interview! Sit back and enjoy.


sarah_no_1When I heard the inaugural tour for Beauty Slammers was taking place from April 25th-May 10th, I was pretty excited. When I found out that one of the headliners for this tour was Sarah Stock, I was ecstatic!

Sarah Stock has wrestled all over the world and is one of the most critically-acclaimed and sought-after wrestlers in all of women’s wrestling. Stock, who is probably best known to American fans as Sarita due to her success as a 2-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion in TNA, has showcased her talent in major promotions all over the world. Besides TNA, she has spent several years competing in Mexico, both for AAA and currently CMLL. She’s also been making history in highly-regarded female promotion, SHIMMER. I asked long-time SHIMMER ring announcer, Joey Eastman, to describe Stock:

“Sarah is an absolute inspiration. From winning bodybuilding competitions in Mexico, to always delivering top notch matches in SHIMMER, she’s one of the absolute best! You know that when she’s in the ring she’s going to give you your money’s worth; that’s the sign of a great talent.”

Sarah Stock is highly educated and a complete athlete. Future talent see Stock as an inspiration, and strive to achieve the same level of accomplishment “The Dark Angel” has attained during her 12-year career. Fellow Beauty Slammer, Canadian Diemond, added:

“I’m honored to have the chance to work with Sarah Stock during Beauty Slammers. She is certainly inspirational as far as Canadian women earning a living in wrestling, and one of the reasons I believed I could do well in Mexico.”

The Beauty Slammers tour is a homecoming of sorts for Sarah. Early in her career, she competed here in the Maritimes for MainStream Wrestling for over 2 years, competing on a weekly basis with men, as she was the lone woman in the promotion. In achieving victory, Stock has insurmountable drive and ambition, but this tour isn’t about Stock winning; it’s about the fans winning, because those attending a Beauty Slammers show will have the amazing experience of watching Sarah Stock compete live, in-person!

To watch some of Sarah’s great matches, head over to

Submitted by: Sarita’s Biggest Fan


windsor_poster_finalTickets for the entire 15-DATE Beauty Slammers: Ladies of Wrestling Tour are ON SALE NOW via (where you can also view the walk-up location nearest you if you prefer to buy in-person!) or Charge by Phone: 1-888-311-9090. Scoop ‘em up NOW for all 15 shows in NOVA SCOTIA and NEW BRUNSWICK!
The events at Yarmouth Mariners Centre; Sydney’s Centre 200; Dave Doolittle’s in Dartmouth; and Oromocto, NB’s CFB Gagetown are the only shows where tickets are NOT available through Ticketpro. Please click on TOUR DATES above for ticket information for these shows.
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Women’s wrestling is always changing. While legends retire, new stars rise to the occasion, exceeding expectations. While we are seeing so many changes in women’s wrestling, there has always been one constant that has remained the same: Serena Deeb. That is, until recently.

Whether Deeb was going toe-to-toe against the likes of Sara Del Rey in SHIMMER, or having her head shaved on WWE television by CM Punk to prove her commitment and sacrifices for her career, she always stayed true to herself and her fans. Fans knew that when they saw Serena in the ring, they were likely to see a devastating spear finish (see video below), and if they approached Serena away from the ring she would greet them with a sincere smile and a genuine appreciation of them. But, recently that has all changed as Serena changed her entire demeanor not only inside the ring, but away from it.

One friend of Deeb, Lenny Leonard, who is the play-by-play commentator for Shine Wrestling, has found Serena to be a totally different person away from the ring. Many questions have gone unanswered by Serena, but I believe the real Serena will be exposed during her time in Nova Scotia during the inaugural Beauty Slammers tour. Deeb has done so much good for this business not only from her own battles, but by preparing NXT star, Bailey for in-ring competition. I hope the Serena that shows up in Nova Scotia on April 25th is “The Deebious One” of the past and not this current imposter of a lady who is in the prime of her career. Only time will tell. A lot of questions will be answered during Beauty Slammers!

Concerned Serena Deeb Fan